Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ming Kee's Triple Cooked Crab Beehon!

Ming Kee Live Seafood
7852 Makati Avenue
Makati City
Tel. #8934533

Triple Cooked Crab Beehon

"Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant started in Singapore and is famous for its Triple Cooked Crab Beehon and other live seafood specialists. It is the first branch out of Singapore bringing its very well-known Southern Chinese Specialties in the Philippines for Filipinos to enjoy."

"Acknowledged as one of Singapore's best dishes. Ming Kee's Crab Beehon is stir-fried, steamed and braised to perfectly infuse our secret flavors together with the rice noodles and the moist succulent crabs. The rice noodles is actually imported all the way from Singapore, thus, you would feel the texture and the quality is very different from the local rice noodles."

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