Friday, September 16, 2016

Si Baste, si Sam-Sam at si Bossing!

Sabay pumasok ang malulusog na magkapatid (parang kambal!) na Baste at Sam-Sam sa backstage nang masalubong nila si Bossing! Actually, hinarang sila ni Bossing na naghihintay sa kanilang paglapit! 


  1. I wish to see Bossing and Ryzza Mae in another blockbuster! I bet it would add another acting trophy to Aling Maliit's array of awards!Another wish is to see her act with the Queen of Comedy, Ai Ai!I hope these wishes of mine come true! Anyway, hello to all the dabarkads! God bless!

  2. Cute siguro kung magkaroon si Ryzza ng movie kasama sina Baste at Sam-Sam. Hmmm....maganda sigurong title "Mga yagit ng lansangan". Really, isn't it a fantastic idea? Bossing, Ms. Ai Ai, and Pinoy Henyo himself, Boss Joey can lend their names to help out the kids. Wow, I definitely would watch this. Common, it may jump start their careers, too especially Baste! At least Ryzza has already established her name in the industry. She's gone a long way at sanay na sanay na rin siya sa ins and outs ng showbiz! She has garnered awards after awards. She has been recognized by the industry. She really is smart! I'm sure Baste and his brother, given the opportunity would end up the same! Bossing, sige na. Produce mo na ang movie ng tatlo! Baka lalong swertehin and EB! Anyway, just a wish that I would like to come to fruition, that's all! God bless!