Friday, October 09, 2015

EB's Bashers & Fanatics! (9)


Mr. P, I really miss seeing Ryzza live in EB everyday! We all are missing her! She has this aura around her that makes you want to stick around and just watch her! I'm sure she's busy shooting scenes for Princess and TRMSSE!!! I hope TRMSSE comes to fruition! Now, that's what I'm talking about! Sat Ed of TRMS! At least we get to see her live 1x/wk! Not enough Ryzza, but can't complain! It's better than nothing at all!!! Thanks for lending me an ear, Mr. P. Also, thanks for giving us updates on Aling Maliit's hustle and bustle! God Bless!



YESSSSSSSSSS! THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! TRMSSE! She's back! Naku, pinaiyak mo nanaman ang madlang bayan kagabi, Aling Maliit! Paganda ng paganda ang storyline ng PITP! Kaya lang "pinatay" na nila si Lolo Tomas! Hindi pa man miss ko na si Lolo! I love watching PITP kasi may halong comedy, hindi puro iyakan lang! One of my fav contravida na si Marc Abaya is in the cast and that made me happy! He's a great actor! Basta wala akong masabi kundi magagaling sila lahat! Each one gives life to the character they portray! Congratulations guys!



OMG! Are you sure, Mr.P? TRMS Saturday Edition! That is the best news evah! Thank you, Lord for listening to my complaint er prayer! This news made my dreary day! Our Aling Maliit is most definitely growing into a fine young lady! I am so proud of you, Ryzza for taking time to be more aware of your health!
Kudos to your mom, Riza for tirelessly caring for you! No matter what, we love you just the same! I am looking forward to your TRMS Saturday Edition! Hosting is in your blood, little one! Carry on with all your good work. Lift up all your worries to Papa Jesus. What am I saying, you should not be worrying one bit! You should be enjoying being TEN! Well, it's 10/01 @ 630 pm back in my neck of the woods. I still have about 6 hours wait time so I can tune in to your next episode of PITP! That means about 12 midnight! Well, gotta go. Be well always! Health is wealth! Take care and God Bless! Ciao! good to hear that sat edition of TRMS i really miss her question on her acting for she's really good on it...good luck n God bless ryzza...



I don't understand where all the hate is coming from? Why the mudslinging? Filipinos are fun-loving people to say the least, kind and giving. I guess that reputation has been long gone! Nevertheless, I still believe in the greatness of the Filipino people! EB's Kalyeserye became a HIT! The AlDub loveteam became a phenom! What is the problem? Where is the problem in that? I don't see any problem! Surely, the EB Dabarkads do not have a problem! It's people like YOU, yes, you, who make it a problem! You take the matter into your own hands and decided to make it your problem! You spread nonsense against the people behind and in the show, to discredit them! It does not work that way. Wrong way! Be careful with what you say, it may backfire on you! Two words! Only two words will make you feel better, look better, and lower your BP! STAY AWAY! If you do not like it, don't watch it! Simple! Banish to smithereens! There is no place here for the likes of you! Go back to your corral and join the others! Try to be happy with the # of tweets you have accumulated, with the ratings you have at the moment! The sooner you resign yourself to admitting that EB is currently HOT,that the AlDub tandem is reaping plentiful of adoring and screaming and giggling fans, the better chance of you waking up to the realization that one day, you will have that chance, too! Isn't that better than spreading your germs full of loathing? Remember, nothing stays up for the longest time! Let the EB Dabarkads relish the moments! Don't come spoiling their fun! I you can't lick them, join them! You'll have your chance, too, one day! It's hard to beat 36+ years on air, but you'll reap what you sow along the way! So, just wait! As Lola Nidora says, "sa tamang panahon!" Good luck, EB! 36 years pa more! Thank you for giving us Ryzza!



HAHAHA!nadale ka Ms. Lea,next time think 1st b4 yu say something ok?n besides di ka nagging popular gaya ng Aldub!singing career?where?when?sorry but it's true!Akala lang ng iba sikat ka dahil nag abroad ka.di ka sikat sa Pinas whether we like it or not!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Si Princess, Si Yaya at Ang Dabarkads!

Matagal ding hinintay ng lahat ang makitang nakikigulo si Yaya Dub/Maine sa buong Dabarkads sa studio. Di ba laging nasa Barangay si Maine kasama ang tatlo niyang Lola? Well, nagpalit muna sila ng Pambansang Bae ng location! Ang saya-saya naman talaga ng unang araw ni Yaya sa Broadway lalo na pagmakasama sila ni Aleng Maliit na kilig much sa mga romantic adventures ng Ate Maine at Kuya Alden niya! Ano ang magsasabi mo, Princess? 


Sunday, October 04, 2015

Alex III Kitchen Secret: PANCIT PALABOK!

Pancit Palabok

The process in making Pancit Palabok, as they say, ay hindi biro-biro. I saw for myself the many different steps in coming up with the favorite meryenda, the  Alex III style. No wonder it's one of their best sellers! 






Friday, October 02, 2015

EB's Bashers & Fanatics! (8)

Vittoria B.

You made a horrible mistake, Mr. Sandejas. You chose to jump into the lion’s den. Now, you are in the center of the Lea-Adlub brouhaha and we, the alleged minions (your words), have chosen to play your game. You asked for it. 

I tell you, if Lea's assassinated, you will follow her footsteps. You who chose to elevate Queen Lea to hero status. You who chose to immortalize her in the same vein as Heneral Luna. You who chose to forget that way, way before Miss Saigon, there was the unforgettable Pik, Pak, Boom (with Herbert Bautista and Lilet) and yes, the classic Captain Barbell.

Sir, I am not a rabid fan of Aldub nor Tito, Vic and Joey. I don’t even live in the Philippines. I just know about Eat Bulaga who has been in the business for the past 36 years so it’s impossible not to know about the show. I was told of this Aldub phenomenon way late into the picture so I just updated myself via YouTube videos. I was enamored by the unique marriage of the different media platforms and the even more unique mix of characters of the “series” who may be described as funny, annoying and even bizarre.

You talk about your heroine’s authority.

What authority, may I ask? Authority on what? Television? Are you actually pertaining about the classic That’s Entertainment of which Queen Lea was a member of? Oh… You mean “The Voice” airing over ABS-CBN? Darling, it’s a singing contest. Nothing but. Your show does not even command  half of Aldub’s ratings. You were speaking of the TV gimmickry as having a lifespan of a typhoon. I agree. I also say that it’s not so much the lifespan of the storm that matters but the devastation it brings. Your winners may have shown unbelievable vocal powers but my next question, where have your winners dissipated to? Oh, a trivia for you. One of your “The Voice” winners, Mitoy Yonting, was once a segment host of Eat Bulaga. I rest my case.

Mr. Sandejas, you amaze me. You speak of heroes. You speak of authority. You even speak of typhoons. And you speak of substance. Wow. You even speak of culture. Again, wow. Do you speak in behalf of the Philippine academe that your words must be taken as bible truth about the Filipino Culture? Where did you acquire your doctorate that you write about culture as though your knowledge is so extensive, so scientific that we need to accept your deluded conclusion that Miss Saigon Royalty is dripping of sweet substance and that poor Aldub, a product of a 36-year noontime show, is nothing but an empty shell. Sabi nga ni Mr. Vice Ganda… eh di wow.

Let me close with this, sir. I do not engage in word wars. It’s much too tiring. Much too low for me. Heck, much too tiring for anyone. What possessed me to write this letter?  Simple. 

Pumatol ka. Tuloy pinatulan kita. Just enjoy the ride, sir. You don’t go around preaching about culture and substance and heroes and absurdity to an immense number of people who just got bitten by the fan bug. Hwag kang kill-joy. Don’t piss on their parade. I have read so many comments and I must say that most are amusing and some, downright hilarious which goes to show that they’re having the time of their lives.

Ang problema kasi masyadong ninyong kinareer. Hindi naman dapat. Masyadong nagpaka-elitista si Ms. Lea and her followers like you. We already know what Ms. Lea did for the country. She is world-class tapos pinatulan ang isang segment na, like the name says, ginawa lang sa Kalye. Kung ang isang Aling Carmen na may tindahan sa palengke ang naglabas ng comment na yun ay nakakatuwa ang dating. Pero, mula sa Tony Award-winning actress? Now that is what I call absurd.  

Let us be sensitive about these things. Kung hindi naman kaya, eh, tumahimik na lang. Bite your tongue. Tiisin mo na lang ang mga sigawan at iyakan ng mga taong humahanga at umuubos ng oras.  

With that, tapusin na natin ito. Aldub is currently the flavor of the masses. Libu-libo ang following nila. Kung ayaw ninyo manood, just click to the other network. Meron din sila. Kung ayaw mo pa rin, just wait for the Les Miserables next year. Tutal, yun naman talaga ang trip mo.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Ryzza Mae is Back!

Hindi siya nawala talaga. It's just that nagpahinga lang siya ng matagal-tagal dahil sobrang hectic lang ang taping niya plus demanding din ang pag-aaral ng ating Aleng Maliit (At kanina nga, ang sumalubong sa kanya ay ang younger brother ni Baste na si Sam. They were so cute together)! At napansin namin na medyo naging sexy ang Princess in the Palace! Sabi nga ni Mommy Riza... nagda-diet ang Drama Princess! In preparation ba ito sa nalalapit The Ryzza Mae Show, Saturday Edition? Stay tuned! 



Monday, September 28, 2015

EB's Bashers & Fanatics! (7)

Reynaldo Sebastian
(Dublin, Ireland)

Kasama ako sa milyun-milyong nagtu-tweet lalo na kung Sabado kunsaan ay special show palagi ang EB. At nung nakaraang Sabado ay maaga pa lang ay nagsimula na ako sampu ng kasaaman ko dito sa Dublin. Gusto sana naming ay linggu-linggo ay ma-break ng buong Dabarkads sa buong mundo ang record na EB na din mismo ang nag-set. 

Tahimik kaming nagtweet kahit pa sumisilip kami sa mga nangyayari sa kabila tuwing commercial (ang haba ng commercial ninyo, EB!). Nakita naming tatlong higantang loveteams ang kumakanta kasabay ng ating mga idolo, ang Adlub sa GMA. Ayun, natapos ang Sabado at tinanghal ang nanalo sa Twitter. At tahimik kaming na-move on sa buhay.

Tapos meron kaming nabasang ganito. Akala ba naming sport lang? Akala ba naming pana-panahong lang yan? Bakit hindi na napigilan ng Queen Horse ang kanyang bibig na naglabas pa ng statement? Oo, akala mo ay harmless ang statement pero hindi tanga at bobo ang tao. Sabi nga, we can read between the lines!

 “… Thank you sa lahat ng nakisali ng Twitter Party at 
nagpa-Trend sa #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay with
6.33M REAL and ORGANIC TWEETS. Patunay na
TOTOOng pinag-usapan sa social media…”

Kahit sinong makabasa ay mase-sense na may gusto tukuyin ang mga salita si Mr. Ganda.

Nakakapikon. Hindi pala. Nakakagalit. sa isang banda, nakaka-awa pala. Bakit, you ask?

When you think about it, hindi lang naman “Showtime” ang nanghihingalo eh pati ang career ni Mr. Vice Ganda. 

Dahil you have to remember that Vice Ganda is Showtime and Showtime is Vice Ganda. At kung ano man ang mangyari sa isa, madadamay yung isa.

Di ba mas nakaka-awa?

So, Dabarkads… charity na lang natin ito. Hwag nating patulan. Sabi nga ni Sen. Miriam… let’s just be magnanimous. Speaking of patulan, hwag na rin nating patulan ang isang ageing Broadway actress. Remember, may show siya sa kabilang network. Pabayaan na lang nating siya magpaka-OA. Maganda naman ang VOICE niya eh. Di ba, Mr. Joey de leon? 

More power to Aldub and Eat Bulaga! 

(Thank you for the images that we are using for this blog entry.)

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Alex III Restaurant
Tomas Morato, QC

Clubhouse Sandwich (P319)

You can enjoy Alex III's bestselling Clubhouse Sandwich anytime of the day (breakfast or lunch or meryenda or dinner) which you can share with a hungry friend!  





Friday, September 25, 2015

EB's Bashers & Fanatics! (6)

Ate Christine (Oklahoma City)

Hi Ryzza,

I just want to congratulate you on your first ever teleserye, you truly deserve it! I have seen the trailer and I'm sure it's going to be a huge HIT. 

I became an instant fan of yours from the day you won Little Ms. Philippines. I've followed your shows: EB's "Juan for all" wherein you wore different costumes and jesting with Jose and Wally, and of course "Ang Joke Ko" wherein you bantered along with Vic and Joey.  It's so amazing how you leveled up with those veterans. Your very own "The Ryzza Mae Show" is such a milestone in your career.  Hosting a live show is a difficult task but you made it so easy with your wit and presence of mind.  I seldom watch mall shows but I went to SM Cebu (2013) not minding the thick crowd just to have a glimpse of you.  I went to theater on the first day of "My Little Bossing" with my mom even if we have to endure the long line (my first time ever).  That's how much I love you!

In 2014, I migrated to US but my support for you will never fade.  I still watch

your shows through YouTube and followed you on Facebook and Instragram (take note I only created Instragram because of you).   
Though I was sad not able to watch "My Big Bossing" on the big screen but I asked my family to support your movie.

Ryzza, it is my fervent wish to meet and hug you. I hope for that day to come. Thank you for so much for making me smile even when I'm feeling blue.  That's precisely the reason why I use your photo as my wallpaper on both my mobile and PC because you bring sunshine in every day of my life.   I wish you luck in your career and studies.  Cheers to more projects and awards!!!

Ate Cristine Ceniza
Address:  5908 SE 70th St. Oklahoma City, Ok 73135 



I think that Mr/Ms Ganda?'s actions were of sheer desperation! People who are desperate use other people as stepping stones to get to where they want to go! I was once, years back used to tune in to that show, but I found his/her jokes or actions unwarranted sometimes. Never did I go back to that station, unless a story line appeals to me, such as BCWMH with Jodi Santa Maria, who in my opinion is so underrated as an actress. I think that Ms. Santa Maria is the most gorgeous actress who ever grace the ABS-CBN small screen! I admire Sarah Geronimo, too. I wish to see them both in my GMA small screen some time soon! TVJ? Regardless of what people think and say, they are undeniably the pillars of EB. They started it all! They are geniuses! They have contributed so much to the entertainment industry! EB is one of the best things that ever happened to Philippine TV! Watch for Showtime to reach 36 years, this will be the day that I will probably tune back in to this show! By the way, thank you for bringing in Mr. Christopher De Leon and Ms. Ai Ai to GMA! Kudos to all dabarkads for a job well done! To all the hosts, you are all doing an excellent job! God Bless you all!

On a separate note, Aling Maliit's PITP is just around the corner and I bet everyone is anticipating what this little wonder is going to serve on our tables. Can't wait for it to start! I wonder if it is going to be broadcast simultaneously in the US? Oh, bummer, I din't think of that. Well, since it is going to be presented by TRMS which I watch everyday, that means, I'll be able to watch it prior to EB! As Aling Maliit would have said, "this is the life!" Once again, CONGRATULATIONS Ryzza Mae! All Ryzzanatics on the planet, remember to tune in to PITP on Monday, 09/21/15! See you there!



Mr. P, I apologize for using this Ryzza comment section to mention some people who are so deserving of recognition! Not discounting the talents of the AlDub Lolas, I should remember to congratulate Wally "Lola Nidora" Bayola, Paolo "Tidora" Ballesteros, and Jose "Tinidora" Manalo for their "in your face" acting as the grannies of Kalyeserye! They are a hoot! TVJ and the entire EB circle should give kudos to these hysterical and riotous trio of Wally, Jose, and Paolo! In my opinion, they are the faces of Kalyeserye, especially Wally! I could not imagine JoWaPao without Wa! Playing different roles is not a joke! Wally plays them all without hesitation and delivers them magnificently! What I like most about these 3 dynamic amigos is their camaraderie and their dynamism! They could play any role, given the chance! Thank you JoWaPao for being the heart and soul of Kalyeserye! My love to AlDub! I hope for a bright future for the both of them! Good luck and looking forward to more Kalyeserye! Again, I apologize for using this section for a non-Ryzza topic. God Bless!



RYZZA MAE, congratulations dear for scoring BIG as the PITP! You are so deserving of this! FOCUS, darling, keep an open mind! I am so glad that you are friends with almost everyone in the EB community! Keep up the good work and never once forget to look back where it all started! I meant this to remind you to keep your feet on the ground. Don't let success get to your head. You have a very bright future ahead of you. Use your celebrity status to help other kids who are in need. I know you have been doing this from the start and you make your fans proud! We are sending your way positive vibes to wish you luck with PITP! Go get them, kiddo!



RYZZA! RYZZA! RYZZA! Talagang malayo na ang nararating ni Aling Maliit! Deserving ka naman talaga! Huwag makakalimot kay Baby Jesus, ok! Pray! Parating tandaan na magpasalamat sa mga blessings na natatanggap mo araw-araw. Huwag kalilimutang mag-share ng mga biyayang ipinagkakaloob sa iyo ni Papa Jesus. Huwag kalimutang tumanaw ng utang na loob sa mga deserving na tao. Also, huwag kalilimutan ang paggalang sa mga nakakatanda! Anyway, good luck sa iyo at sa cast ng PITP! Sana maging highly successful and teleserye mo! God Bless!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Princess and the President!

Sino ba ang hindi nakatutok sa pilot episode ng The Ryzza Mae Show

presents "Princess in the 
Palace" nung Lunes, September 21? At sino rin ang makapagsasabing na walang natural chemistry ang cast ng bagong morning teleserye especially, the lead stars Ryzza Mae Dizon and playing the country's president, Ms. Eula Valdez? 

At sino ang magde-deny sa napakalaking improvement sa acting process ng ating Princess in the Palace? 

As expected, ang unang salvo ay mataas ang naging rating. Maging ang reviews ng mga experts are one in saying na pulido ang pagkagawa and yes, marami ang mapupulot na mga positive values dito. 

Congratulations to Ryzza Mae, to the cast and the people behind the production! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bulaga Pa More! Novelty Pa More!

Pinoy na Pinoy ang Bulaga Pa More natin ngayon linggo! Last week kung medyo serious pa more ang arrive natin, this week ay magaan at nakakatuwa naman tayo! Kaya sundan natin ng buong linggo ang Bulaga Pa More! Novelty Pa More!