Sunday, April 26, 2015

Alex III: Preparing Chicken BBQ by the Catering Crew!

Alex III Restaurant
Matalino Street, 
Quezon City

Chicken Barbecue
by the Catering Crew

How you ever wondered how Alex III prepare the food (in this case, Chicken Barbecue) for catering? Here are videos that tell you some of the "secrets" from the careful basting to the expert garnishing of the Chicken Barbecue, the last cooking step! 





Give Catering Crew by Alex III a call. 
Let them talk to you.  

North Fairview, QC: 
Wilson St., San Juan: 
Tomas Morato, QC: 
Robinsons, Galleria: 
Matalino St., QC:  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Usapang Fried Chicken #34: MAJESTIC FAMILY RESTAURANT!

Majestic Family Restaurant
SM Cebu

We came from watching "Cinderella" when we came across Majestic Family Restaurant. I got a bit excited wondering if it's the same people behind the iconic Majestic Ham. Whatever, it was already late and we haven't eaten dinner yet. We were famished and we're at that point where anything edible would taste fab. 

I had the Majestic Fried Chicken (yes, I can got the half-chicken!) with the kropek bed. How's the chicken? It was slightly over fried making the meat, as expected, dry and bitter. It was bland and the gravy was runny and tasted like it came from a sachet. The kropek was okay, though. No... I take it back. The oily, and cold kropek was fab! 

Suman, Mangga at Tsokolate sa Cafe Laguna, SM Cebu!

Cafe Laguna
The Northwing
SM City Cebu 

Suman, Mangga
at Tsokolate (P125)

Una kong nakilala ang Cafe Laguna sa Cagayan de Oro sa mismong hotel namin, Mallberry Suites Hotel. I wasn't keeping a blog then, so wala akong photos ng kanilang pagkain. And then, I saw them again in SM City Cebu. 

Order kagad. And since it was meryenda time, I opted for Suman, Mangga at Tsokolate at Avocado Shake after. That meal took me to my memories of Bulacan, of malagkit na suman and of manggang kalabaw many, many moons ago. 

So, did I like it? Oh yes... the food and the experience. 

Avocade Shake (P85)

Ryzza Mae: "Kuya Alden Talaga!"

Aliw na aliw na "nagpapatugtog" si Aleng Maliit gamit ang isa sa mga musical instruments ni Tito Joey Ayala nang "guluhin" siya ng bagong Dabarkads na si Kuya Alden Richards! Nawawala tuloy ang concentration ng ating Stress Reliever! Pero okay lang naman. Pero, next time si Ryzza naman ang manggugulo sa iyo! Watch out! 


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ryzza Mae, Bilib na Bilib!

Ano nyo ba kung ano ang pinanonood ni Aleng Maliit? Well, her attention was caught by the monitor sa backstage. At ano ang pinapalabas? Ang opening number ng "You're My Foreignoy: Artisahan Talaga!" kunsaan nagsasaway ng mga Filipino Dance ang mga contestants. Aliw na aliw kami sa iba't-ibang reactions sa mukha ng ating Little Superstar na bilib na bilib na nakikita niya! 


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ryzza Mae Welcomes Kuya Alden... the New Dabarkads!

Yup! Kuya Alden Richards is the new Dabarkads! Pang-ilang araw pa lang niya pero everybody feels na matindi na ang chemistry niya with Aleng Maliit (at ang iba pang hosts!)! It helps that Alden loves kids and Ryzza is a kid easily to love! Kaya on and off cam ay nakaka-aliw panoorin ang dalawa! 

Welcome to Eat Bulaga, Alden!  



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alex III Sandwiches: HAM & EGG!

L26 B14 Chevelle cor.
Pontiac Sts., South Fairview
Park Subd., Fairview, QC

Ham & Egg (P259)

One lunch time, I ordered for Alex III's Ham & Egg thinking that it would not be too heavy for me leaving some space for dessert (Alex III's Bibingka!), I was wrong. On the third piece of the sandwich, I was positive that my favorite Bibingka will to go home with me wrapped in a foil and a brown bag (and just reheat it in the steamer). 

The sandwich is a classic meryenda or may also be a breakfast/lunch/dinner choice with your favorite fruit shake (for me, it's Alex III's Ripe Mango Shake, hands down!).   

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ryzza Mae, Pala-Yakap!

One thing about Ryzza Mae, mahilig siyang yumakap... lalo na sa mga batang mas bata sa kanya! Siguro dahil sa pagpapalaki sa kanya dahil sanay na sanay siyang naka-yakap sa Mama niya sa backstage. Talagang nakakatuwang panoorin! 


Friday, April 17, 2015

Ryzza Mae & Her Fashionable, Summer Sneakers!

Yun ang una naming napansin when she stepped out from the dressing room! Tuwang-tuwang ang lahat nang nakakita! Summer na summer ang kanyang very colorful sneakers! Apparently, and nag-paint pala ay si Tita Bing Loyzaga and her children na very professional ang hitsura! Bagay na bagay sa ating Aleng Maliit, di po ba? 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cebu's Ayer's Special Lechon!

Ayer's Special Lechon
SM Cebu

From Tagbilaran City (Bohol), our group trooped to Cebu City via the Ocean Jet. The first thing we did after dumping our stuff in the hotel? You guessed it... we headed to SM. It's a couple of years since the last time I was in SM Cebu. It's much bigger now and there's a lot more restaurant choices to choose from. 

Of course, we went to Ayer's Lechon. It's a relatively "new" lechon brand which has been enjoying an impressive following. How's the lechon? Well, it's not salty (at least, not as salty as the other) and the skin, sinfully crispy! The meat, tender and unlike the Manila lechon, malinanman. I intentionally didn't finish my half-kilo. Mahirap na.