Saturday, April 25, 2015

Usapang Fried Chicken #34: MAJESTIC FAMILY RESTAURANT!

Majestic Family Restaurant
SM Cebu

We came from watching "Cinderella" when we came across Majestic Family Restaurant. I got a bit excited wondering if it's the same people behind the iconic Majestic Ham. Whatever, it was already late and we haven't eaten dinner yet. We were famished and we're at that point where anything edible would taste fab. 

I had the Majestic Fried Chicken (yes, I can got the half-chicken!) with the kropek bed. How's the chicken? It was slightly over fried making the meat, as expected, dry and bitter. It was bland and the gravy was runny and tasted like it came from a sachet. The kropek was okay, though. No... I take it back. The oily, and cold kropek was fab! 

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