Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cebu's Ayer's Special Lechon!

Ayer's Special Lechon
SM Cebu

From Tagbilaran City (Bohol), our group trooped to Cebu City via the Ocean Jet. The first thing we did after dumping our stuff in the hotel? You guessed it... we headed to SM. It's a couple of years since the last time I was in SM Cebu. It's much bigger now and there's a lot more restaurant choices to choose from. 

Of course, we went to Ayer's Lechon. It's a relatively "new" lechon brand which has been enjoying an impressive following. How's the lechon? Well, it's not salty (at least, not as salty as the other) and the skin, sinfully crispy! The meat, tender and unlike the Manila lechon, malinanman. I intentionally didn't finish my half-kilo. Mahirap na. 

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