Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alex III Sandwiches: HAM & EGG!

L26 B14 Chevelle cor.
Pontiac Sts., South Fairview
Park Subd., Fairview, QC

Ham & Egg (P259)

One lunch time, I ordered for Alex III's Ham & Egg thinking that it would not be too heavy for me leaving some space for dessert (Alex III's Bibingka!), I was wrong. On the third piece of the sandwich, I was positive that my favorite Bibingka will to go home with me wrapped in a foil and a brown bag (and just reheat it in the steamer). 

The sandwich is a classic meryenda or may also be a breakfast/lunch/dinner choice with your favorite fruit shake (for me, it's Alex III's Ripe Mango Shake, hands down!).   

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