Sunday, February 22, 2015

Laoag City: Bagnet Pizza!

C & E Pasta! Pizza!
Laoag City

Bagnet Pizza

When I'm in a new city, it has customary for me to go around and "explore" eating places. They don't have to be famous nor basta may character. 

Like this C & E Pizza! Pasta! We accidentally saw this place while looking (actually, we we're lost) for Macy's Diner (which caught my attention going home to San Nicolas coming from the Wind Farm in Burgos). 

It's a cute, colorful affair with a server who brought me a bottle of cold San Mig Light instead of Coke Light (Coke Zero kasi ang alam niya). It took them forever to serve my Bagnet Pizza but all is forgiven kasi okay naman ang pizza. Well, the crust tasted like it was SM Hypermarket-bought but the combination of bagnet, seaweed and cheese toppings were surprising good. So, can I say that pizza here is better than the Pinakbet Pizza of Herencia's?

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