Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ilocos Norte: Jumbo Plate!

Jumbo Plate
Robinsons Ilocos Norte

I ate my first meal in Ilocos Norte at Robinsons (Balai Condominium is just a five minute walk). Honestly, I didn't make any special arrangements in Manila as to where to eat on my one-week stay. I didn't ask around nor read other blogs. I wanted to try small "eateries" that do not exert any effort to be extra-ordinarily visual. I just want to eat good food. No frills. 

Giniling with Corn

Jumbo Plate had the simplest spread. And we liked it. The Giniling had corn (yes!) and celery (yes!) and no diced carrots and potatoes (but it had raisins and guisantes). We had it with Menudo (with the usual hotdog cubes) and a plastic glass of whitish palamig. All (we had to pay extra for the Chao Fan) for P110. Sulit ba?


Chao Fan

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