Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cake Pops for All Occasions!

It all started late last year when Isabelle took a baking class under Heny Sison. 

Early part of the year before she turned 20, she was having restless periods about what to do aside from her Fashion Design classes at CSB along Taft. She wanted something productive to do. Something that would challenge her. 

To help her out, her mom (herself was a former student of Heny Sison) enrolled her to one of the Cake Pops classes. And after that first class, a new world has opened for Isabelle!

Cake Pops For All occasions!
She developed a passion for baking, Cake Pops in particular. Her mom, a foodie and an established name in the cooking and baking community, bought her books and baking materials that further fueled her newly-found passion. 

Purple Cake Pop!

She spent days perfecting the art of making Cake Pops while coming up with different designs for all (conceivable) occasions. 

Happy Dad's Day!
At that point, ONCE UPON A CAKE was born. Isabelle with a friend, brainstormed and executed the logo and together with her very supportive mom, came up with beautiful (various!) packaging (for wholesale).   

Cake Pops are
hand-designed cake balls 
 (chocomint, vanilla, 
red velvet and brownie flavors)
dipped in milk chocolate, 
bittersweet, semisweet chocolate.   

New and repeat orders poured in... Birthdays, Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Graduation, Valentine's Day, Easter, among others!

Isabelle has, indeed, found what she was looking for. 

It's a girl!
Happy Mother's Day!
I love you!
Happy Anniversary!
Merry Christmas!
Happy Easter!
Happy Birthday!
I'm sorry.

Sweet success!

For orders: 

Isabelle S. Dee  
Nelia S. Dee

Facebook: Once Upon a Cake