Saturday, July 05, 2014

Usapang Fried Chicken #31: CHEF LAU'S PUGON ROASTERS!

Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters
Welcome Rotonda,QC

Yes, I know! I know that this not fried chicken but I have to make an exception this time. Why? Well, I like Pugon Roasters' Roast Chicken. I love it. For P99 a pop, this is good food. The chicken is flavorful and look at the presentation... chef na chef ang dating!  

How I wish that Chef Lau makes a killing with this new product (on the condition, that he maintains the quality of chicken and the cleanliness of the branches). How I wish to see more Pugon Roasters around Metro Manila soon and how I wish that all Mang Inasal branches gets eaten up and close down soon.  

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