Sunday, July 06, 2014

Alex III: USDA Angus Tenderloin Pepper Steak!

L26 B16 Chevelle cor.
Pontiac Sts., South Fairview 
Park Subd., Fairview, QC

USDA Angus Tenderloin 
Pepper Steak (P579)

It was a protein-rich lunch of (250 g) Angus Tenderloin Pepper Steak with caesar salad and fried potatoes! The (genuinely) tender steak was cooked medium-well just the way I like it. Actually, I didn't pour the gravy until I was half done. Why? I just wanted to enjoy the taste and smell of plain and good ol' beef.  

And good ol' it was. 

Served with House Salad or
Caesar Salad, Fried Potatoes 
and your choice of Rice

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