Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ark in Salcedo, New Breakfast Haunt!

Ark in Salcedo 
Cafe + Lounge
H.V. dela Costa, Makati City 

Open-Faced Chicken 
Soft Tacos (P250)

Tita Nelia ("Let's Cook My Way!") and I used to have this favorite breakfast place along H.V. dela Costa. We normally wake up early (and sometimes without showering) and rush to Alexia DeliThen one day, they just closed the place down. And after weeks of constantly checking if they have opened again, they did... with a new name, Ark.   

They still carry our favorites... Salmon on Wheat Bread and Creamy Cheesecake. They have a new item on the menu, Open-Faced Chicken Soft Tacos which we will order again on our next visit. It's good.  

Salmon on Wheat Bread

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