Friday, July 07, 2017

FIKA's Chef Mats Loo: Binagoongan Rice!

Capitol Greenstreet
Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, QC
Tel no: #3553132

Chef Mats Loo for FIKA
Filipinos love Bagoong! We cannot eat Kare-Kare without it; green mangoes is perfect with it, and yes, we saute it with white rice! If you are so in love with bagoong that you actually run to a nearby restaurant that serves Binagoongan Rice whenever a craving hits you, then, this episode is what you need! Chef Mats Loo together with his assistant, Head Cook Mamerto is going to prepare Binagoongan Rice... FIKA-style! Watch FIKA's Cooking Class 9 and learn! 

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