Thursday, July 27, 2017

FIKA's Chef Mats Loo Prepares Laing!

Capitol Greenstreet
Capitol Hills Drive, Old Balara, QC
Tel no: #3553132

Chef Mats Loo for FIKA
Last week's post where Chef Mats Loo prepared one of FIKA's bestsellers, Sisig, made quite a stir when some people joined in a friendly "debate" and say what their choice is for National Dish-- Adobo or Sisig? Anyway, everybody knows that Sisig originated from Pampanga and this week's video will focus on a Bicolano specialty, LAING which is also, like Sisig, very popular in Mega Manila! It's inexpensive and very easy to make! So, join Chef Mats Loo and Head Cook Mamerto as their reveal the secrets to FIKA's Laing!   

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