Saturday, April 30, 2016

Rafhael Winery's Dragon Fruit Wine!

Rafhael Winery
San Rafael, Bulacan

"From Rafhael Winery's sunlit  farm comes this exotic blend of the finest Dragon Fruit wine that has been aged to perfection. 

Dragon Fruit Wine is a tropical fruit that has been a favorite in wine beverages and even in gourmet dishes. Also known as Red Pitaya, this flaming exotic fruit beverage is high in Vitamin C and lycopene which a natural antioxidant to fight cancer, prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure. 

Rafhael Wines is a product of slow fermentation designed to capture the unique sweetness of Dragon Fruit, specially concocted to be a healthy treat for wine lovers with discriminating taste. Truly, your dragon tamed in a wine bottle."

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