Friday, September 18, 2015

EB's Bashers & Fanatics! (4)


Hello all! Ryzza must be very excited, with her impending PITP teleserye getting a lot of buzz, her TRMS continues to rate, her family doing well, doing great in school, who would not be proud of this girl! We are! Just stopped by to see what's cookin' in Ryzza's world! Special mention to TVJ for giving this wonder of a girl the best ride of her life! Please continue to love this young lady because we do! God Bless you all, dabarkads!



God bless you, Ryzza! I hope you and your family are well! Best regards to all the dabarkads! I am looking forward to watching your teleserye here in the states. We watch your RMS everyday followed by EB! Know what, I really love to see you and your Tita Ai Ai de las Alas pair up in a comedy film! You are both brilliant. I love the comedy of Ms Ai Ai. Incidentally, a very close relative was a class mate of Ai Ai at FEU back when. He said he used to see her with Laarni. I forgot the last name. I don't know if he was kidding! Anyway, that is my wish for the 2016 MMFF, an entry from both of you! Good luck! I hope more blessings come your way, but always remember to thank HIM and the people who made you a big star! Bye!



Geez, who is this Florante-look-alike guy anyway? Looks like he is a radio DJ. He seems unhappy and full of hate! An old fart like him should be setting good examples to young people to appreciate others regardless! You, as a professional (I'm assuming), do not go around broadcasting your dismay and blabbering on and on like a child! 

That is immature! True, the ALDuB phenomenon might be a FAD in your eyes, a one-time thing, but people are fascinated by it, leave them be and let them enjoy the ride! Give the kids the chance to prove themselves, especially Yaya Dub, the one you shamelessly referred to as "babae", instead of you severing the opportunity before it even started, with your criticisms! Mr. Florante-look-alike, if you notice, our nation needs a breather from all the negativity going on around us, and we need a miracle or something to appease our people's growing exasperation. 

EB's Kalyeserye is doing just that! In their own little way, they are able to make people from all walks of life laugh, cry, and offer monetary help! If you have sense at all and you care about your people, even a little, use your status as a DJ or whatever, to do something to help alleviate their pain and suffering! Instead of you becoming fixated with the ALDub tandem, do something not idiotic. Or are you even aware that there are people who hardly eat healthy foods and drink clean water? Or maybe not because you are busy trashing the ALDub nation! A little goes a long way, my friend! Try it and you'll feel peace in your heart! Put your senses to good use while they are still functioning to bring and hold people together, not make them drift apart from reality and become alienated from each other! GMA, ABS-CBN, TV 5 or TV 1-4, as long as these stations bring laughter and entertainment in my household, I don't care which one I tune in! It is fierce competition out there and is expected among stations, but to mix it with trashing and negativity, that is unhealthy and alarming at times! Remember, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, including YOU and ME! 

To all AlDub fans out there, enjoy the ride! Maintain a happy face amidst bashing and mongering! Prepare to be slammed! Slammers will never go away! Beware, there will be more Florante-look alike to come your way to spread nonsense! PEACE ALL!


Ruth Sacramento

Hello po! Hello Ryzza Mae! Congralutions para sa “Princess in the Palace!” Isa sa naming challenge sa kakayahan na alam naming lahat ay kaya mong lampasan! 
Kakabasa ko lang po ang ng post ninyo tungkol sa sinabi ni Mr. Jobert. I agree sa lahat ng sinabi niya. Now, let me react po sa sinabi at ginawa ni Vice Ganda just the other day.

I really don’t get kung ano ang gusto niyang palabasin po. Hindi ko po alam ang gusto niyang itukoy basta’s nag-pabebe wave siya at nagwala ang audience. Suggestion lang, Mr. Vice Ganda. Kung bitter ka po sa kasalukuyang nangyayari sa ratings at desperate attempt para mapansin kayo ulit ng audience eh bad move po yun. Kahit ano ang intention ninyo, lalabas at lalabas pa rin na BITTER kayo.

Mr. Vice, fan po ninyo ako. Napapanood ko po ang lahat ng movies ninyo. Talagang Showtime Fanatic ako hanggang pumutok ang Kalyeserye. Doon ko po na-realize na meron pa palang magagawa maliban sa sayawan at mga pa-contest. Doon ko rin po nakita na natatawa ako mga sa biro ninyo on the expense of the person na kinakausap ninyo. Hindi ko po nakikita yun dati.

Hindi po ako fan nina Tito, Vic at Joey o kahit sinong host sa Eat Bulaga (maliban sa cute na cute na si Ryzza Mae). Fan din po ako nina Alden at Yaya/Maine at big fan ni Lola Nidora. I love them. Kaya dali-dali akong nag-email sa inyo dahil hindi ko talaga maintindihan ang mga actions ni Mr. Vice sa Showtime video ( maliban na  hindi ito maganda ang dating po nito. Nakakapikon bilang big fan ng Aldub at ni Lola Nidora. At nakakalungkot na nawawala na yata ang mga fans ni Mr. Vice. Isa na po ako dun.

Salamat po kung mapipili ninyong i-publish ang email ko. Paano bo ako makakasali sa Alden fans club at meron pa fans club si Lola Nidora?

Maraming salamat! Kung meron kayong tanong or sulat or requests na gustong iparating sa amin, please email us at! Please indicate your name and the city where you're at. Thank you! 

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