Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ryzza Mae: "Boypren, Voypren, Voyfren..."

Make your mind, girl! 
Na-correct ng isang well-meaning na staff (one of the writers yata) ang pronunciation ni Ryz sa salitang boyfriend. And what happened was either nabulol ang ating Most Popular Child Performer or talagang nananadya lang siya! Knowing her, nangungulit na naman siya! 

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  1. 2012! What a year to remember! Ryzza Mae Dizon won the coveted Little Miss! She made us cry and laugh with her antics! She was and still is the all-around child performer! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she is the most awarded child actress in the history of Philippine showbiz!Or maybe 2nd or 3rd! My point is, who would have thought that a tiny little girl could easily ease her way to the top so effortlessly! Well, she's gifted with talent and charisma! On top of that, she's smart! I hope that her handlers will continue to bring out the best in this tiny little wonder! Can't wait for her teleserye to begin! I hope it's seen internationally! Good luck, Ryzza and Aiza and the entire cast! Love from the Windy City!