Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reuben Sandwich at the Maria Luisa Garden Room!

Reuben Sandwich (P480)

We had dinner here at Maria Luisa Garden Room a year ago (I'm not sure if its still open). We were invited by a Tita who had been managing the place. Its a kind of a restaurant where people talk in whispers and where laughing is stifled. In short, everything about the place is 'proper'... no slouching, lips are wiped with starched napkin every after minuscule bites. Yes, that type. 

Anyway, I did enjoy the Reuben Sandwich (juicy, flavorful corned beef topped with a generous amount of Swiss cheese!) and the Tomato Soup had the right thickness (the bread was newly-baked!) which I really like. 

Tomato Soup (P230)

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