Friday, October 14, 2016

Baste, Isang Kilong Pisngi!

Look at that face! Sobrang cute! Bugbog ang mukha ng Bae-by Baste na bawa't dumaan eh kumukurot sa pisngi niya! At sanay na sanay naman siya! Actually, bale-wala na kay Baste ang panggigilan siya... nage-enjoy pa siya eh!  


  1. Ryzza has grown up quite a bit! We miss you Ryzza. We are still hoping for your comeback to TRMS! We are missing that show so much! Take care, Aling Maliit!

  2. I wish GMA would bring TRMS back on television! Now that Ryzza has grown up, she'd be perfect as a hostess. She was great back then, she'd be superb this time!Now that CS is over, will there be less Ryzza? I hope not! We miss her!

  3. Hi Mr. P. Any new throwbacks on Ryzza? Any news you could share about Aling Maliit? Sorry, if I sound persistent. We just miss her, that's all!
    Have a safe and peaceful holiday season!