Saturday, June 11, 2016


Babatiin namin ng Happy Birthday, ang nag-iisang Phenomenal Child Star! Ngayong tapos na ang Princess in the Palace ay may bagong challenge na naman sa kakayahan ng ating si Ryzza Mae... ang CALLE SIETE! Ito ay magsisimula na sa Monday, June 13, 2016!

Happy Birthday, Ryzza Mae
and good luck with

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  1. Happy many returns of the day, Ryzza! A VERY HAPPY HAPPY 11TH TO THE ONE AND ONLY PRINCESS! We are so proud of your accomplishments thus far! I hope you take a moment to look back from when you were still living in Pampanga. This will always remind you how your perseverance paid off. You were such a smart little girl then 5 years ago! Now, you are still smart but wiser! I'm really happy for you, little girl! You deserve all the accolades. Seems like all your dreams are coming to fruition! Know why? You work hard to reach them, that's why! Remember to thank Papa Jesus for everything that you and your family are enjoying now! The people who have been your support since day 1 deserve to be mentioned as well. Never forget them and your ever-supportive fans!PRAY PRAY PRAY! Anyway, your fans all over are awaiting the coming of Barbie to Calle Siete! This sitcom or dramedy is making everybody excited! Good luck darling girl! Here's to the success of your new series! God Bless!