Tuesday, March 15, 2016

EB's Bashers & Fanatics! (18)

Why Kid
pls..pki blik nyo ung talk show ni ryzza...huwag nman puro aldub at baste nlang d truth mas gusto nmin ung talk show ni ryzza at ang joke ko b yun?lalo na ung guest ni ryzza c elizabeth ramsay and annabelle rama n mny others pa nkakaaliw cya..we seldom watch eb na wla kc c ryzza..nkkasawa ung aldub c baste nman cute lang..


Yes to all the above comments! She is reaping awards after awards! That goes without saying that you, Princess will stay afloat in the entertainment industry for a long period of time! I think that this is feasible with proper handling of

your career. However, it is still up to you whether you want to remain active for the longest time! It is not an easy task to venture into the competitive world of showbiz considering that, whether you like it or not, there will be new faces that will surface. I think that you should pursue excellence in your craft no matter how far you have gone in your career, no matter the number of acting awards you have accumulated! I personally wish to see you in highly rated films as an accomplished actress. The likes of Eddie Garcia, Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, Gloria Romero, Boyet de Leon, Bembol Roco, Ricky Davao to name a few, have endured the ups and downs of the entertainment business, and yet they still are around, making films on big and small screens. TVJ is another good example. They are prominent figures in the industry and I personally think that these three amigos are one of the pillars of TV entertainment. Just like other veteran actors, they have weathered countless severe storms in their lives, but look where they are, still on top of their game!
What they have done to EB is no change! 36 awesome years and still climbing up the ladder! Hah! Talk about endurance coupled with smarts and drive! Anyway, I, as well as your many fans would like to see you slowly climb and reach the pinnacle of success and achievements! Is that too much to ask? Well, for a little girl like you, it's hard to understand, but someday, you will realize the true meaning of success, and what it will create and do to an individual, depending how you handle it! I am quite sure that the people around you and that includes your immediate family are mindful of it! I think that with proper guidance, you are heading to the right direction! Anyhoo, take care of yourself. Sleep well. Eat well. Have FUN! Don't forget that you are TEN! Act like one! You deserve it! All work and no play makes Ryzza a dull girl! Besides, you are too young and precious to be dull! Remember ASAP! Say A Prayer before you go to bed and when you arise in the morning! Good luck with PITP! God Bless you and your family!Take care! Ciao!

Why Kid
Hi. Hindi naman all the time pwede mag-talk show si Ryzza. If she will just have a talk show, magsasawa din tao sa kanya. It's best na she has to explore other skills and talent that she has.

I trust TAPE management in handling Ryzza's show and that there's nothing wrong with that.

If it will be just a talk-show, all the more mas magsasaya or kakasawaan din yung talk show ni RYZZA MAE.

#goodvibes lang

TAPE INC. knows what's good for their show and for their talent. Just saying.

Congratulations, Ryzza for bagging the Child Endorser of the Year award from FAME 2016 Face of Advertising and Marketing. That is huuuuge, baby! You've had a remarkable journey! I think that you are blessed with a charismatic personality. You've got the BIG IT! People are drawn to you! Do not let fame cloud your outlook on life. Stick to it! Don't let anybody or anything change that! Always remember to thank Papa Jesus for giving you and your family the opportunity of a lifetime, and that is the chance to better your your way of life. Do not forget to thank the people who gave you the opportunity to be who you are now. You know who they are! Lastly, the fans who have rallied behind you all the way, fans who have supported you from the start of your career, fans who have defended you from mongers and dimwits, they all deserve recognition. A simple thank you from the heart makes a BIG difference! Well, I'm sure you and your family are well. If you happen to read this, well, might as well ask Mr. P the meaning of what I was trying to convey. Thanks, Mr. P. Take care Dabarkads! Eat Bulaga forever!BTW, CONGRATULATIONS, BOSSING AND PAULEEN! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AND SMOOTH JOURNEY TOGETHER! We love you! God Bless you all!From the Windy City with love!

Miss u bby ryzz..hope to see more on eat blaga n bmalik na ung talk show no MA's bgay sau kc ur so good n witty..

Naku, Ryzza, that brings back good and funny memories! I was about your age when, for some reason I thought, that if I started pinching my tiny nose while it is still soft and flexible (that's how the oldies described it back then), it will grow into a much defined prettier nose! Wala ding nangyari! But, I love my nose. It completes me! You have the cutest nose, darling. Remember, what defines a person is her/his character. As long as you remain honest, respectful, caring, open-minded and fair to others, responsible, and most especially be a good citizen, a good neighbor, obey your parents and teachers and others in authority, I think you're set for a good and admirable life! Well, you're too young to understand what I just enumerated, but ask your mom or Mr. P to help you understand. Good luck, Princess. I wish you and your family well all throughout the year and beyond! God bless!

Rhonda Cavite
di po namin maintindihan kung bakt tinanggal ang talk show ni Ryza. Akla namin ay ibabalik kapag sabado bago magEB. Pwede namn diba silang dalawa ni Baste? mas lumalabs ang talino ni Ryza sa mga kwentuhn at marami din natutunan ang tao. Pls ibalik nyo na. 


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